Cold nights often have us seeking refuge under layers of wool and dreaming of a sun-filled summer vacation. But, why freeze when you have Advanced Heating by your side? We make sub-zero conditions feel like a beach vacation with our heating repairs, turning a cold house into a cozy home!

The Magic of Furnace Service

When your furnace starts behaving like a stubborn mule, it’s time for some professional TLC. With our swift furnace service, gone are the days of grumpy mornings due to a cranky heating system. Our team will swoop in faster than you can say “brr” and breathe new life into your furnace.

Furnace Repair aka Operation Lifesaver

When our repair ninjas are on the job, furnace replacement is often the last resort. They will fix, fiddle, and finagle until your furnace is revving like a brand new engine. If adventure is calling you to Morgantown, Westover, or even Kingwood, don’t worry – you can trust us to keep your heater cozy while you’re away.

So let’s face it, Cheat Lake, Brookhaven, or Star City, wherever you are in West Virginia, Advanced Heating is heating things up!