Summertime in Escalon, CA, can be hotter than a dragon’s breath! If your Air Conditioning decides to take a vacation in the peak of summer, remember the knights in shining armors – Dycus Heating and Air. No evil furnace can stand against our Furnace Repair services! Beat the heat and win the battle of the sun and keep your cool.

Keep The Heat, Let’s Play It Cool

Who said a winter in Riverbank, CA, should mean your teeth chattering away? Cozy up your holiday season with our fantastic Furnace Replacement services. Just as the three musketeers, we believe in all for one, one for all. Of course, weather changes are inevitable, but feeling uncomfortable at home is not!

Our AC Installation – Leaving No Room For Sweat!

And for residents of Modesto, CA to West Modesto, CA to Salida, CA, and Rouse, CA, who are tired of patching up their old AC – meet your Repair Reaper at Dycus Heating and Air. We are experts in AC Installation, and once we’re done, you’ll be singing “Ice Ice Baby” in no time! Let us end the swelter saga and add a cool chapter to your life. Because at Dycus, and in all of California, it’s all about being cool!