Once upon a time in Marcellus, NY, a humble abode bore the brunt of a merciless storm, and the homeowners were left with a roof damaged beyond repair. With roofing companies few and far between, help seemed distant until Blue Collar Roofers entered the picture.

Auburn, NY

The Blue Collar Roofers team traveled miles to Marcellus, experts in not only roof replacement, but with a spirit to uplift the community. Their expert installation ensured the house stood tall, the broken roof a thing of the past in Auburn, NY.

Liverpool, NY

Soon, their reputation preceeded them. A Liverpool, NY family, burdened by weathered siding, reached out for siding replacement. The Blue Collar crew arrived, swiftly replacing the old with new, resilient siding. North Syracuse, NY started envisioning a more secure future.

Cicero, NY

Pressing onto Cicero, NY, they continued their saga of service. Transforming houses, they established themselves as leaders for residential roofing and roof installation. Blue Collar Roofers made a difference, one roof, one siding at a time, in Cicero, Manlius, and beyond. What started in Marcellus is now a beacon of hope for homeowners across NY.