Welcome to the daily life of an employee at Turner & Schoel, Inc., where we strive for excellence in every HVAC service we provide, including AC Repair in Cottondale, AL, AC Replacement in Tuscaloosa, AL, AC Installation in Northport, AL, and 24 Hour AC Repair. Strap in, as we’re about to kick off our work boots and show you what an average day looks like for our hardworking service technicians.

Early Morning: The Preparations

The alarm rings just as the Cottondale sunrise peeks through the blinds. It’s another day for Turner & Schoel, ready to serve our community with superior heating and air conditioning services. After a hot cup of coffee and a brief check on the local weather, we gather all necessary tools— gauges, wrenches, part bins—you name it. We also make sure that critical parts for the most common AC repairs are in the truck, meaning fewer runs for parts and quicker service.

Mid-Morning: On-Site Repairs

With Tuscaloosa shimmering in the mid-morning sun, we step out, ready to attend to our first appointment: an AC replacement. We work diligently, double-checking every connection to ensure it’s a job well done. Once the client’s new AC unit hums to life, the satisfaction on the homeowner’s face promises the certain reliability of their newly installed system.

Afternoon: Samantha and Northport Operations

The afternoon session usually sees us in Samantha, AL or Northport, AL—offering reliable AC service or performing new installations. Our attention to detail makes these operations run smoothly, always leaving a trail of cooled-down, satisfied customers behind.

Evening: 24 Hour AC Repairs

As the evening falls in Cottondale, our commitment doesn’t wane. We understand the value of a comfortable home at the end of the day. Ready and willing, we provide emergency 24 Hour AC Repair so that a malfunctioning air conditioner doesn’t rob anyone of a good night’s sleep. Technicians are always on standby, responsive at all hours of the day.

Each day at Turner & Schoel is steeped in dedication, hard work, and a relentless commitment to top-notch customer service. From the break of dawn in Cottondale to the winding down hours in Northport, you can count on us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.