Serving the good folks in Maryland, fromStevensville to Easton, Algonquin to Denton, and beyond, we at C. Albert Matthews understand the challenges of the seasons. We know too well the blazing heat of summer, the teeth-chattering cold of winter, and the unpredictable in-betweens.

This acknowledgment, paired with our comprehensive knowledge of AC service, makes us the mid-Atlantic’s foremost authority on heating & cooling needs. It’s why when Cambridge residents reach out to us amidst the hottest July day, they breathe sighs of relief as their homes transform into oases.

Look beyond HVAC, and you’ll find us in the world of plumbing & electrical services as well. We’ve lit up homes in Saint Michaels, mended leaks in Denton, ensuring comfort isn’t just about the temperature.

In our hearts, C. Albert Matthews is more than a service company. We are your neighbors and friends, ready to lend a hand and make your living space the perfect sanctuary, be it in the frosty depths of winter or summer’s zephyr.

That is the C. Albert Matthews promise – guaranteed comfort in every season, for every home, in every Maryland town we proudly serve.