At Mel-O-Air Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we understand the importance of keeping your heating and cooling systems in top shape. As a locally owned and operated company, we’ve been providing superior service to our clients, but we also appreciate the DIY spirit. Here’s a selection of DIY maintenance tips you can carry out for your furnace and air conditioning units.

1. Regular filter check and replacement: Perhaps the easiest, yet most neglected maintenance task. Filters should be replaced every month to ensure optimal performance. A dirty filter will not only reduce the efficiency of the temperature regulation but can also damage vital components in the long run.

2. Cleaning around the unit: External elements can significantly interfere with the performance of your HVAC system. Ensure the area around your furnace or air conditioning unit is clean and free from debris.

3. Check the thermostat: Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of adjusting the thermostat. Make sure it’s set according to the weather and check its programming schedule, too. An inaccurate thermostat can lead to unnecessary energy consumption and cost.

4. Inspect the vents and registers: Blocked or closed vents can strain your heating and cooling equipment. They can increase your utility bills and reduce overall comfort within the home.

5. Seasonal maintenance: Before each season change, carry out necessary checks and cleaning. Prepare your furnace for the winter and air conditioning units for the summer. These preventive measures can save you from costly repairs and replacements.

While these tips can keep your heating and cooling systems in good condition, there will be moments when professional intervention is necessary. It’s crucial to know when a professional needs to step in. If you notice persistent issues or irregularities, such as unusual noises or drastically increased energy usage, it’s best to contact us immediately.

At Mel-O-Air Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable services to local homeowners. Our team is fully licensed and understands the ins and outs of furnace and air conditioning maintenance. You can rely on us to restore your home comfort levels during any season.

Remember, the goal of these tips is to increase the lifespan of your Heating and Air Conditioning units, not replace the expertise of a professionally trained technician. Hidden faults and malfunctions often require expert assistance. Your safety and comfort are paramount, and a well-maintained HVAC system is a huge part of this.

If you have any questions about heating or air conditioning maintenance or require further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mel-O-Air Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.