A proper understanding of your HVAC system doesn’t only come handy in times of sudden breakdowns; it also helps maintain optimum efficiency and extend its life. In this guide, courtesy of Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc., we’ll breeze through some practical DIY tips to help you manage your air conditioning service without a hitch.

1. Change Your Air Filters Regularly

One of the first lines of defense in providing fresh, clean air and maintaining optimal system operation is changing your air filters. Typically, it’s advisable to do so every 60-90 days. However, factors such as pets, allergies, or the specific type of filter in use could necessitate more frequent changes.

2. Keep Your AC Unit Clean

Over time, outdoor units can get clogged with dust, leaves, and other debris. This can affect the system’s ability to function effectively. At least once a year, turn off the power to your unit and gently clean the coils using a garden hose.

3. Have Your Ducts Inspected

A vital part of your HVAC system, the ducts, can accumulate dirt and dust over time, which can affect air quality. Carefully inspect your ducts for any obvious debris, mold, or signs of pests. If you come across serious issues, it might be time to call in professionals for a comprehensive cleaning.

4. Encourage Frequent Air Circulation

Promote circulation by using ceiling fans alongside your air conditioner. This helps distribute the cooled air around your room more effectively and can potentially help cut costs on energy.

5. Set Your Thermostat Wisely

A fair amount of power usage can be saved by efficiently setting your thermostat. When away from home, set it a few degrees higher in summer or lower in winter.

Bear in mind, hefty DIY work on an HVAC system often requires professional expertise. In these cases, your friends at Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. are ready to provide prompt and reliable air conditioning service to ensure your comfort and peace of mind.

Bay Area Air Conditioning, Inc. specializes in all aspects of HVAC service, taking pride in their fast response time and quality workmanship. With their team of friendly and experienced professionals, they’re your dependable partner for all your cooling and heating needs in California’s Bay Area.

While DIY maintenance tasks can help, it’s important to seek professional servicing at least once a year to keep your HVAC system at its peak. Remember, staying proactive can save you from costlier repairs in the future.