In the melodrama that is New York weather, the stage is often occupied by scorching summers and teeth-chattering winters. If you live in the Theatre of Variations – Colonie, Loudonville, East Greenbush, Cohoes, Latham, or Guilderland – you have a special role. Fortunately, we’re here to help you steal the spotlight with a show-stopping performance, thanks to the trusted heating and cooling services of Northeast Heating, Cooling, and Refrigeration Co., Inc.

Wondering how? Here’s a script to follow:

Scene 1, Summer: The Sun is on a fire-breathing rampage. You laugh subtly, remembering the frosty winters. With an air of nonchalance, you reach over to your remote control and crack up as the cool air gives you the sweet, refreshing solace.

Scene 2, Winter: The temperature is plunging rapidly, but your sly smile hasn’t disappeared. Why would it? You’ve got the secret weapon to hit back the cold with a warm embrace.

In the end, the audience of seasons may boo or cheer, but with Northeast’s heating and cooling services, you’re always the star under the spotlight!