As the warm Alabama sun beats down on Northport, Tuscaloosa, Samantha, and Cottondale, maintaining a cool and comfortable home becomes a top priority. That’s where Turner & Schoel comes in. Our comprehensive range of services, including AC Replacement, AC Installation, and AC Repair, ensures optimum comfort throughout the sizzling summers.

The 24 Hour AC Repair service offers immediate solutions round the clock to address sudden breakdowns or malfunctions. A faulty air conditioner doesn’t abide by regular working hours, and neither do we.

Choosing the right team to carry out your AC Installation or Replacement can make a vast difference to your home’s comfort and energy costs. Our certified professionals have extensive experience and leverage leading industry techniques to deliver efficient and reliable systems.

At Turner & Schoel, our mission is delivering top-notch AC Services that keep homes throughout Alabama cool and refreshing even on the hottest days. Don’t let the southern heat get to you, choose us for first-rate AC Solutions that truly deliver.